Is it cliche when I say Your smile lights up the room It came to me this morning as I was scrolling through my phone I try to capture each moment that your pearly whites break out on FaceTime It's mine, your mine, and i sip you slowly like fine wine and it reminds me …

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Dear Doubt

Everytime I feel like I'm growing up a little, you come and stir up the pot. You throw something new my way; an obstacle, illusion, or attack, My mind falls into a spell of confusion and the anger sprouts from the seed of disorder you planted. I'm two steps back again. Back to that little …

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Positivity is easy in one's mind It's easy to smile when the sun is beaming down kissing your face ever so lightly Happiness rains down thick and settles but as the moment dries up, the dust that remains is carried away by life's winds And you are exposed What will you do, when adversity is …

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